Professional experience

Professional experience

Are you a nursery nurse or a teacher responsible for children aged 3 to 11 years? Then it might interest you to know what other professionals have learned when working with Creative Learning. You will find increased concentration levels and intelligence, when using stimulating activities with creative materials here.

Helle, enseignante

Des enfants fabriquent des poupées

Sympa et éducatif, mais avec de légers ajustement pour la prochaine fois.

'Les enfants ont tous dit qu'ils se sont amusés pendant ce procédé, et académiquement, ils ont obtenu le bénéfice des leçons, ce que mes collègues et moi-même expérions. Une seule chose devra être faite différemment la prochaine fois; la décoration des poupées...'



Hanne, Institutrice et auteur

Élevage de poulets

Un projet scolaire interdiciplinaire pour les 9 ans.

'Dans ce cours interdisciplinaire mon objectif global était de donner aux enfants un aperçu de la vie et des besoins des animaux. Comment, par exemple, nous bénéficions, en tant qu'humain, de certain animaux; comment nous utilisons le lait de vache, les oeufs de poules et la viande du cochon. Les enfants ont fait leur propres observations dans la ferme que nous avons visitée et ont lu des livres, vu des films et complété des petits exercices. ...'



Margit, Nursery nurse

Sensory motor skills in the nursery

Gluing light feather down onto card birds - a sensory motor project.

'For the little ones, participating was an especially great sensory experience. The children learned about the consistency as well as the effect of the glue, and how light feather down feels and how easily it can fly by gently blowing. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to talk to the children about the birds and the colours. That the shapes of the birds was already punched out was a great advantage as children of that age....'



Allis, Nursery nurse

2-3-year-olds sensory motor skills

Fingerpaint for the very young ones - a sensory motor project.

'During an activity like finger painting I make a point of only having a small group of children in the workshop at any one time, so I have the best conditions for concentrating during the process. I talk to each child about the feeling and the effect of having paint on your hands, the sound of splashing, the differences in colours; and in this case also the shapes of the masks'.



Lone Hede, Kindergarden supervisor

Children testing "Funny Friends" 3-6-year-olds

We are testing a classroom kit for creativity according to 3-6-year-olds own imagination.

Look what the very young children made when they were allowed to decide for themselves and read the kindergarten supervisors professional account. Children are spontaneous and have an exquisite ability to use their imagination. Adults, on the other hand are often hampered by our well-developed knowledge, limiting our experimental impuls.


Lone, Year 2 primary school teacher

Children testing "Funny Friends" 8-year-olds

We are paying tribute to the 8-year-olds own imagination and are testing the classroom kit with mixed materials. 

See how many different things children in this age group accomplished from the contents when they were allowed to decide for themselves.

'The classroom kit is ideal for making figures, and the springs were especially popular among the children, enabling the figures to jump. I would say it was a positive experience that the children hardly....'


Lissie Nygaard, Year 5 primary school teacher

Children testing "Funny Friends" 11-year-olds

See what the 11-year-olds accomplished from the contents when they were allowed to decide for themselves.

'The 11-year-olds are so sensitive to each other that they often aim for the same goals. To see what they can really get out of their imagination, I think it is important to distribute the materials from the classroom kit between them in divided groups, so that some get the balls, others the coils etc. That being said, I see great opportunities in strengthening the impact of compulsory education...' 


Tina Ovesen, Teacher

How a school contributed to the public social debate using creativity

When art and social debate are on the school curriculum.

The Bifrost school is a Danish school which focuses on community-related education. Therefore, the school participated in a large-scale event in 2013 leading up to the CSR Awards that year. The school's students were given roles in the project. The Year 8-9 had the responsibility of project leaders, whilst the Year 3-7 were.....